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  • Vijayavani Education
    Expo 2018

    Vijayavani Education Expo 2018
Vijayavani Education Expo 2018

Vijayavani, The largest circulated Kannada daily, was glad to organize Education Expo 2018 on 28th and 29th April at Basavanagudi National Grounds, Bangalore city. This was the third edition of Vijayavani Education Expo.

We created a platform, where students could directly interact with educational institute by bringing the student community and entire gamut of educational institutes, under one single roof. The expo witnessed participation of more than 50 renowned universities and colleges across Karnataka. The assortment of various courses was seen at the expo. From Engineering to Medical, Animation to Aviation, students were offered multiple courses to choose for their future. There were seminars conducted by demesne of preceptors, acting as a guiding force to shape up the young students, directing them toward promising future ahead.

We witnessed more than 8000 foot falls by aspiring young generation along with their parents on both the days. All the educational institutions received an inordinate response from the student community and the institutions opened up spot admissions for the avid students. The Expo turned out to be a great success in terms of highest numbers of walk-ins with quality and quantity both as compared with any other regional print daily expo organized during the same period.

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