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    Rewa University Casestudy

Rewa University

Opportunity : To introduce the client (Rewa University) to innovative branding of score board of the Cricket World Cup 2015.


  • To reach out to the youth through a newspaper, given that newspaper is not a primary medium for youth.
  • To stand out from the competitive clutter in the education sector, by using unconventional form of advertising.
  • To generate quick low-cost reminders for branding amongst the youth.

Solution : We advised the client to brand the score board for the World Cup 2015. The world cup has a wide fan-following amongst the youth, and the score board is a high-interest property. So, the client booked 36 island positions for all the matches.

Result : Rewa University was able to increase the top of mind recall for their brand amongst the key TG, through a medium like a newspaper, without fading away as just another education brand in the competitive clutter.

Rewa University ad in Vijayavani
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