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  • Kanva Booklet Sampling

    Kanva Booklet Sampling Casestudy

Kanva Booklet Sampling

Opportunity : There was an opportunity to use sampling innovation for a client for the first time in order to connect with the customers and increase sales.


  • As this was the first time that the client was introduced to such kind of innovation, they were not sure whether it will help in achieving the desired results.
  • There was a high risk of achieving low or almost zero ROI as sampling in newspapers an expensive tool for promotion.

Result : Client expectation was approx. 20% redemption of coupons. There was 50% redemption of coupons in first 20 days post sampling activity subsequently resulting to 70% incremental increase in sales. This was an exclusive deal with us.

Kanva Booklet in Vijayavani
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